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Progressive Cavity Pumps
Progressive Cavity Pump KIBER KS/KSF/KST/KSFT

The KS/KST/KSF pumps are sanitary progressive cavity pumps. Due to the design, they are self-priming and reversible pumps that can suction from a maximum height of 7 meters.

These types of pumps transfer products of low and high viscosity as well as products containing particles. They are widely used to pump edible oils, wine, concentrates and beverages in general as well as viscous food products such as jam and marmalade, pasta, pâté, melted cheese, etc. In the cosmetics industry, these pumps are used in applications involving various cosmetic products such as soap, gels and creams.

Operating principle

Friction between the rotor and the stator creates a vacuum in the inlet area thereby helping the entry of the product into the pump. The turning motion of the rotor makes the cavities between the rotor and the stator move forward and transport the product to the outlet.


Other Progressive Cavity Pumps

The NTE TUB pumps present compact and robust progressive cavity pumps designed for the thermovinification process in the wine-making industry. Read more...



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